Brisbane News Corner Store Cafe Review Oct 5-11 Issue 853

All You Can Eat Gardens has maintained the herb and veggie garden for The Corner Store Cafe since May 2011. It has been quite a challenge due to the alkaline soil, waterlogging from the wet 2010/11 summer, possum attacks, and the extraordinary amount of energy children put into adding gravel to the garden beds. Still the garden is looking better and better each week, and the chefs love having access to the fresh herbs. We have been working to recycle as much kitchen waste through the garden as possible by installing worm farms and worm towers that fertilise and aerate the soil. I also sell honey to the cafe and my name even appears in the menu - Tim's honey!

See below for a photo of the garden.


Sunflower in bloom at The Corner Store Cafe. Photo copyright All You Can Eat Gardens.