No-dig Garden Beds

No-dig garden beds are an excellent way of transforming any situation into a productive food garden. They are suitable for people with a large area to cover, on a tight budget or who want to save for another exciting feature in their garden These can go on lawns, weeds, hardpan clay, even concrete! You don't need good soil when you can create the soil and worms will do the digging for you! Farm your wasted space and start saving money on your grocery bills!

You can continue building soil on the no-dig garden with further materials later on. Four beds would be ideal for a crop rotation system to fertilise the soil and reduce pest and disease issues.

Optional extras include edging, plants, trellis structures and pest protection, quoted according to your needs.

No-dig garden (2.4m x 1.2m): $150

No-dig garden (custom size): $52 per square metre


All You Can Eat Gardens No-dig Garden