It's difficult to overstate the importance of good (aerobic) compost for growing vigorous, healthy plants. The process is often a mystery for the average gardener, who dumps their food scraps and random prunings in a black bin in the back corner of the yard. If your compost is slimey, smelly, cold, or attracting rodents or maggots then there are some things to learn that will make a big difference to your garden. Finished compost should be chocolate brown, smell sweet and earthy, and feel like fine bread crumbs!

All You Can Eat Gardens can deliver materials to your door and make a cubic meter (or larger) compost heap with you, so you get practice while picking our brains. The best thing is you are left with a great compost for a price comparible to the bagged material you buy from nurseries, delivered! We'll even give you easy to understand written instructions and information about how to make, manage and use compost.

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Bays are easiest, but compost can be made in a cage


You can make high quality compost like this!