Consult & concept

Building a garden is an exciting prospect, but how do you go about it? There is much to consider and mistakes can mean the difference between a bountiful crop and hard work, wasted resources and disappointment. A good plan will pave the way for future success and saved work, and you may be surprised at how much you can produce in a small area.

If you would like us to look over what you have to work with, ask your pressing questions and receive a nudge in the right direction, but sort out the fine detail yourself, a consultation and concept is just what you need. This will include walking the site with you, checking the soil, noting your requirements and discussing initial ideas. We’ll consider the situation and then send you a concept in diagram and written form. The concept will give you a good idea of what to put where, but the plant species, materials and dimensions will be up to you.

In cases where there is little space with tall trees or buildings nearby, we may analyse the shadows over different parts of the year to make the most of limited sunlight and recommmend tree removal.

During the consultation we will

  • discuss the outcomes you hope to achieve and what you're able to bring to the project
  • discover the characteristics, history of and plans for the property
  • investigate problems that have occured or could occur
  • identify unutilised waste streams

Small suburban project (e.g. less than 600m2): $500*

Typical suburban project (e.g. 600-1000m2): $650*

Small holding: $900*

* Price indicative only, and may vary depending on scale and complexity of the project and attract travel fees. Ask for a quote.

Need more information on how to put your garden together? Consider taking the next step and having a detailed design made up!

All You Can Eat Gardens Concept Sample


All You Can Eat Gardens Concept Report Sample Pages


We can estimate the average sunlight hours over your property for the best

use of light and evaluation of tree removal with our exclusive software tools.