Natural Beekeeping Workshops

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This is a full day workshop. Participants can attend only the morning session if they wish, which is a theoretical introduction to beekeeping, or the afternoon practical session. Those who take the afternoon session will help inspect and harvest honey from a live top bar bee hive, strain the honey and make beeswax candles, and will take a jar of honey home.

The workshop is designed for people who have no background in beekeeping. Intermediate and experienced beekeepers interested in learning about alternative beekeeping will find value too. It's full of interesting and humourous information and plenty of interactivity. Bookings essential.

Morning (theory) session covers

  • The basics of bee biology
  • A brief history of beekeeping and beehives
  • Threats to the modern bee
  • Benefits of beekeeping and expected production
  • A taste of a variety of different honeys
  • The pros and cons of different hives
  • How to establish and manage a colony
  • Problems, pests and diseases
  • Splitting your colony to populate new hives
  • Obtaining a permit and hive placement


  • Vegetarian lunch provided
  • Tea, coffee and cake provided
  • ~30 minutes

Afternoon (practical) session covers

  • Inspection of the bee hive for pests, diseases and problems
  • Robbing honey and wax
  • Processing and jarring honey
  • Beeswax candle making
  • Take a jar of honey home (additional jars and candles available for purchase)
  • Please wear light coloured long sleeves and pants, broad hat, closed shoes

Morning only - theory (9am-12.30pm) $65 per adult, $50 for Healthcare Card holder.
Afternoon only - practical (1pm-4.00pm) $65 per adult, $50 for Healthcare Card holder.
Full day workshop (9am-4.00pm) $125 per adult, $100 for Healthcare Card holder.

Please contact us to book in or to express interest to be notified when the next workshop is announced. Your interest will encourage us to hold the workshop frequently. Gift vouchers are available.

This workshop will be at my 5 acre farm in Stockleigh, about 40 minutes south of Brisbane. We have 6 top bar hives, a Langstrogth and a Flow hive. The workshop compares the different styles but we will open a top bar.

Morning and afternoon tea, and a vegetarian lunch will be provided.

From a past students...

"After doing the day in the work-shop we both felt like we had a good understanding of what to expect of the process and the bees. It was a really informative and hands on day. I loved how your focus was on what is best for the bees and keeping them safe, happy and productive. We will definitely be getting a hive soon." -Kate


"Thanks for taking the informative course today. It was a great overview of natural beekeeping and I loved to see all the examples. We’re definitely convinced that using a top bar bee hive will feature in our backyard permaculture garden sometime soon." -Emma


"Thank you very much for a very informative morning. I enjoyed seeing the beehive, and mentally comparing procedures with those of my experience of 50 years ago.

Your garden honey tasted much nicer than that of years ago - I think nowadays people have fewer annuals, and more shrubs (many of them native). Gardens have changed over the years." -Hazel


"As a permaculture enthusiast I had a long-time interest in bees to improve pollination of fruit and veggies on my suburban block, and to do my bit to assist the health of the worldwide bee population.

However, with little knowledge and some apprehension towards managing 30,000 stinging insects, this remained only a vague desire until I rolled up at Tim Auld's beekeeping workshop.

Tim's presentation was informative, fascinating, practical and inspiring. After participating in the inspection of his top bar hive, handling the bees and observing his management methods first-hand, the prospect of becoming a beekeeper became a reality.

The following weekend I built my top bar hive using information generously supplied by Tim. He responded to my enthusiasm by splitting off one of his colonies, thereby producing a queen, and within a few weeks, delivering them to my new hive.

I never thought I could get so excited about a bunch of bees but it's a joy to sit and watch these amazing creatures go about their daily business.

Tim's ongoing support continues to be generous and invaluable and shows his obvious love of bees and desire to improve the way that we work with them to improve their prospects and hence, those of the planet.

I'm grateful to Tim for introducing me to the world of bees and would recommend his workshop and related services to anyone with even the slightest interest." -Paul